Mar 6, 2013

a bit about me and my shop

About me and my Etsy jewelry shop

I’m Allison, owner and creator behind The Bauble Dept. I grew up with a love of art, mainly drawing and painting, and graduated from college with a BFA in studio art. After graduation, I had the privilege of working for a local jewelry designer where I fell in love with a whole new art form. When it came time to move on, I found that I couldn’t quite leave the jewelry making behind. I opened The Bauble Dept. on Etsy as a way to keep it in my life. 

I love creating such small-scale artwork and working with gorgeous natural gemstones and precious metals. I look forward to finding new ways to create beautiful jewelry and adding new techniques to my repertoire as a designer.  Starting this blog is a way for me to collect all of the things that inspire me, for both my jewelry making and my life as a whole.

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