Mar 9, 2013

when in doubt, wear stripes. and turquoise.

striped shirt, leather jacket, turquoise necklace
striped shirt, leather jacket, turquoise necklace

Stripes are my fallback.  Maybe stripes are everyone’s fallback.  Sometimes I think maybe I’ll mix it up a little, try something new, but before I leave the house I’m back in stripes.   They’re comfortable and safe, and no one likes their comfort zone as much as I do.

Turquoise works for me like stripes do.  Accessorizing never came naturally to me, I have a very simple, straightfoward style (see: stripes).  But I have yet to find anything that doesn’t look a little better with some turquoise.  Probably why the shop has an overabundance of turquoise pieces right now.  You can never go wrong with turquoise.  Or stripes.

Leather jacket: Fossil Shirt: J.Crew Factory Jeans: Anthropologie Shoes: Cole Haan Necklace: The Bauble Dept.


  1. look at those long legs! I love the outfit. and stripes are my fallback too.

  2. This outfit is just so classy and elegant. I love it, and your jeans are awesome.

  3. You are so stinkin' cute! I clicked on your "Hammer Time" link from Jenni's challenge, and I was instantly engrossed. Congrats on a great start to a super cute blog!

    -Amy @


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