Apr 1, 2013

a little bit of dirt is good for the soul

Riley and I have been working hard on the boat lately.  On paper, we don't really have that much in common.  We share the same beliefs and values, but for the most part, our personalities and interests are vastly different.  We both enjoy working on house and yard projects together, and as it turns out, we can add boat projects to that list, too.  As much as I like dressing up and looking pretty, there is something so rewarding about getting down and dirty with a good project.  To share a goal, like our sailing trip, and actually have the opportunity to work hard together to make that a reality, is such a gratifying experience.  It has been cold, dirty, tiring, and at times, frustrating.  We have ended our days with sore muscles and dust caked to our bodies.  But nothing compares to the satisfaction we feel when we finally sit down and start to check off that long to do list.  In the end, it will all be worth it and will make our trip even more fulfilling.  We are making this boat our own, from the top to the bottom, with our own blood, sweat, and tears.  Literally.  Except for the blood.  So far.

More on our boat projects on The WaterLog.


  1. sounds like a big project. but a worthwhile goal. just found you via etsy blog team.

  2. That's a huge project. Were you both big sailors before you started this project, or into wood working? Hubby and I used to sail alot. Now the place we went has gotten sooooo crowded it's just not pleasant or relaxing anymore to go.

    1. We've actually only been sailing for the last 5 or so years. Riley has been on a race team and he is a lot more experienced than I am. He picks up hobbies and masters them pretty quickly, woodworking included :)


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