Apr 12, 2013

april showers bring...

spring vegetables
new spring blossoms / cooking with fresh spring vegetables / sandals and pastels

After what felt like possibly the longest winter ever, It seems like spring has finally decided to arrive.  These are a few of my favorite (spring) things.

What are some of the things you look forward to the most in the spring?


  1. Here is still raining :(
    I miss the sun so much!!
    I love sandals and dresses :)

  2. We're supposed to get some rain (and possibly snow) today in Chicago. What's the deal, Mother Nature?

    I like wearing sandals and going for walks in the sun.

  3. Love the first photo and those sandals are so cute! We have been getting A LOT of rain and have been under flood watch... Our rivers are rising fast! I miss the sunshine. :(

  4. I agree, Allison, it's been the looongeest winter ever! So glad spring has finally sprung and your picture are beautiful! I can't wait for asparagus season :)

  5. The flowering tree is beautiful! And I love your sandals! I'm so glad Spring is here!

  6. Cute photos girlie! This spring, I'm most looking forward to pretty flowers blooming and an excuse to wear cute sundresses :)


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