Apr 3, 2013

on wednesdays we wear pink

pink blazer

Last summer when I saw this pink blazer on sale at J.Crew Factory,  I knew I couldn't leave it behind.  However, at the time I had a very short bob, and every time I put the blazer on I felt like I was channeling an 80's news anchor.  Someone other than myself could have pulled it off effortlessly, I'm sure.  Fortunately for me, my hair grows out faster than most trends die out.

Blazer: J.Crew Factory Shirt: J.Crew Jeans: Anthropologie Necklace: The Bauble Dept.


  1. Love the blazer. I can see why you couldn't pass it up!

  2. You look cute! I'd be nervous to wear something so bright, but it really works for you.

    Just found you through the Etsy Blog Team. :-)

  3. I have that same shirt in red :) Love your style!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments!


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