Apr 19, 2013

spring projects

Aside from the usual spring cleaning, I have a whole list of projects that have gone by the wayside.  Half the reason I haven't finished them is that we are planning on leaving for our trip in the fall, and don't know if we'll be moving back into our house afterwards.  Why put anymore effort (and holes) into it if we're leaving, right?  The other half of the reason is just plain procrastination.  I've since decided that while I'm still living here, I might as well finish what I started.

1. The blank walls in our office/studio space are in desperate need of some attention.  Maybe a fun gallery wall?

2. I started a collection of vintage plates, and I only need to find one last perfect piece before I can finish the project I had intended them for.

3. Gardening.  Window boxes, herb garden, and a small raised bed.

4. There are at least a few pieces of my work from college that don't make me cringe.  If I frame and hang them we'll have some free (minus the cost of tuition. and frames.) original art for our walls.  And maybe it will help me cross #1 off the list at the same time.

What projects are on your to do list this spring? 


  1. I love vintage, missmatched plates, these are perfect!

  2. Good luck with your projects! I have a lot of yard work to do... along with repainting a bathroom and decorating our guest room (and adding a bed)... details!

  3. Your vintage plates are beautiful! All the best with your projects Allison.. Lovely blog. I'm following you :) As for me, i have to tidy up my garden and hopefully can update my blog with some recent DIY home decor I did. Thanks for stopping by my blog x


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