May 15, 2013

a day in the life...

I feel like I've been neglecting my little Etsy shop here lately, so I've been working on updating it a bit this week. I've been creating some new pieces...

...photographing them at multiple angles, uploading them, and editing and resizing them in Photoshop...

... and listing them on Etsy by filling out important details (type, price, shipping info), uploading the pictures, and writing a description.

I really enjoy the whole process and absolutely love having my own little cyber store front filled with some of my designs.  It's such a great creative outlet.

One of my favorite new pieces that I have already listed this week. It's such a simple design, but I love the twist on a classic pearl necklace.

*Just a little reminder, you can use the coupon code MAYDAY
for 10% off an order from The Bauble Dept. through the rest of the month!*

What are some of your creative outlets?
Do you have an Etsy shop, too?  Or another kind of small business?
Leave me a link, I'd love to check it out!


  1. I love your jewelry, Allison. It is absolutely beautiful :)

  2. I like the colourful pieces, very summery!

  3. It's all so great. I've been thinking of starting an Etsy shop so I throughly enjoyed this.

  4. Holy cow these are BEAUTIFUL!! I just randomly clicked on your link through SOML and I think I'll stay!

  5. Such beautiful pieces of jewellery!

  6. Woah, your little 'baubles' are truly things of beauty :) I love the selection of turquoise jewelry especially :)


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