May 20, 2013

can't hardly wait

Patience.  In a world of instant gratification, patience seems to be a lost virtue.  A few years ago I decided that I needed to make a concerted effort to become a more patient person before I had kids of my own.  A little advanced prep work, if you will.  This is a noble idea, sure.  But patience is not something I will ever be able to master.

I'm not sure if it's harder to be patient when you are waiting for something that has a timeline or something that is open ended.  Riley and I would like to have kids, but we're not quite ready yet, so we're waiting.  We would like to own a little bigger house somewhere, but we don't know exactly where yet, so we're waiting.  The past few years have been a wonderful start to our lives together, but in a way I feel like we've just been in limbo...waiting.

When we first started talking about taking this sailing trip, we were planning it for two years out.  Then Riley bumped it up a year.  (I think he may have an issue with patience as well.  But we won't bring that up.)  I can't blame him; when you have something exciting to look forward to you can hardly stand the wait.  For now, our plates are full with house and boat projects that need to be finished before we can leave.  So we will work and we will wait.  Truth be told, with this shortened timeline, it will be all we can do to have everything finished in time.  But after the last several months of hard work on the boat, we are getting a little impatient to start having some fun, too.  Next weekend, as long as everything goes smoothly (it usually doesn't), just might be our chance to take Winbrandt on our first real sail together.  

I can't hardly wait.

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.


  1. Your dog is so cute! Will it go with you on your trip?

  2. Thank you! That's the plan. The first time we brought her to the boat it was a disaster. This weekend was our second attempt and she did so well :)

  3. I know what you mean about waiting and impatience... I think I practice patience everyday! not always successfully though :)

  4. A sailing trip! How fun! As someone who started her family almost immediately with my husband we so wish we could just have a little time, just us, to do something special. We definitely have special memories, and children make it even more so, but we definitely feel that we will have to wait a long time before we get to have some fun and THAT waiting can be really hard. Like you I have basically no patience at all :). (thanks for stopping my blog! I'm excited to read back in yours.)

  5. I love this post. We've spent a lot of our first 3 years of marriage waiting on this or that. It's a good season though. Best of luck with the boat! I've been sailing a few times and LOVE it!


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