May 23, 2013


Sometimes I like to kid myself into thinking I only just graduated college yesterday.  It seems like just yesterday.  But as more and more time passes, I find myself feeling more and more clueless.  I spent a good chunk of my life in school, and now I'm not even sure what I have to show for it.

Don't get me wrong, I was a good student.  And I was smart.  At least, I thought I was.  I knew how to get good grades, and I knew how to ace a test.  So I was labeled "smart."  I got my associates degree first, and graduated with a 4.0.  I transfered to a four year school and graduated cum laude (granted, I did study art).  But no one ever asks me what my grade point average was.  And "smart" doesn't really translate into real life.

Life doesn't care that I could write a stellar book report about someone else's experiences.  It challenges me to write my own experiences, and write them well.

Life doesn't care that I got A's on all of my U.S. History tests.  It wants to know how I am going to learn from my own past and use trials and mistakes to shape my future.

Life doesn't care what I learned in Biology.  It is going to show me so many amazing things with my own eyes; things that will leave me standing in awe of the Creator.

How did I go from feeling so smart in school to feeling so clueless in the real world?  It is humbling, for sure.  I have so much more to see, and so much more to learn.

Day 23, Thursday: Things you've learned that school won't teach you


  1. I loved what you wrote Allison - especially It is going to show me so many amazing things with my own eyes; things that will leave me standing in awe of the Creator.
    You are wise beyond your years.

  2. Exactly how I feel! It's been 18 years since my graduation and I'm still clueless!

  3. Well said. We are all a bit clueless at time. Personally I think that's what makes life grand. If we had it all figured out that would be no fun.

  4. Wonderful share on tosay's blog challenge! I know what you mean about feeling clueless and it is so crazy how much different things matter at different stages in or lives.

  5. Such a great post. Couldn't agree more with these life lessons.

  6. My post is on the same wavelength as your's today! Talking about resumes, networking and internships. You'll find your rhythm soon enough :-)

  7. This is really great! Probably the best posts I've read from the link up!



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