May 22, 2013

Country Roads... I can't get home

Lets review some of the positive aspects of living in the country:
fresh air
open space
peace and quiet
no traffic

So, now you're probably picturing yourself enjoying a peaceful drive in the scenic countryside.  
It's all a lie.  Let me tell you about the real country roads.

 First, you have the dirt and gravel roads.  So quaint, right?  Wrong.  Your car is never going to be clean and they are certainly not conducive to running late.  Especially when the weather is bad.  You will never see the potholes coming when it's raining.  Or snowing.  But you probably won't even be driving if it's snowing, because no one plows the roads.  Also, somehow the fact that there are no yellow lines seems to give drivers the permission to drive down the center of the road.  At high speeds.  On winding, hilly roads.  
And then there are the deer.

If you are fortunate enough to be driving on a paved road, it is most likely going to be one lane.  And it will still be winding.  And you are probably going to get stuck behind a nice old man taking a leisurely drive at approximately 35 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Or better yet, a tractor.  And there will be no passing lanes.  If you do happen upon a passing lane, one of two things will happen.  Either the old man will now realize how slow he's been driving and proceed to speed up, or suddenly, a steady stream of oncoming traffic will appear out of nowhere.  So, you will take a deep breath and thank God for giving you this opportunity to practice patience.  But, since it takes at least 30 minutes, on a good day, to get to the nearest anything,  it is likely that your patience will run out.  
If you're anything like me, that is.  If not, you'd probably do well in the country.

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. 


  1. haha I love this!! SO true!!

  2. I love how you wrote this. This was my frustration until I had no choice, moving to the city

  3. This is how the lake roads are around Minnesota! Hills, windy, and 2-lane. A real pain on a Friday afternoon when you got going everyone else. At least they're paved?

  4. You are preaching to the choir!!! I'm from Texas and was like oh yea, the INTERSTATE! Because Texas is FOREVER big and we need a fast way to get around that big beautiful state....then I moved around the country...All I can say is..WTH, Alabama?! I thought I was going to gouge my own eyes out with all of that winding one lane for you and one lane for the other people business....especially behind the tractor you mentioned...WORST TRIP TO FLORIDA/ Oh joy because I'm moving to Alabama in the fall.

  5. Yes ma'am with the whole last paragrah!

  6. Ohhh my goodness...ha! We just moved to NC from AZ and yes to everything you just wrote. :D I keep thinking how nice it would be to get my vehicle washed and then I stop and laugh at myself...

  7. haha! Yep, this has happened to me a time or two on Oklahoma country roads. Gotta love old men and their tractors.

  8. In Australia I live at the end of country road and we have kangaroos on that road or cows on my dirt track road.
    I could swear you are talking abut the old man (85ish) who lives 2kms up the road.

  9. Our city roads look quite similar to those!

  10. Yes, yes yes.
    These are how our roads are in PA, they're horrible.


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