May 19, 2013

I love blogs...and more blogs

Today's challenge is to share five of your favorite blogs.  I have been reading and following blogs for so many years now, and my favorites are constantly rotating.  I have favorite fashion blogs, diy blogs, lifestyle and family blogs, inspirational blogs, and every now and then even a food blog.  Many of them have followers in the tens of thousands.

Since I began this blog challenge, though, I have found so many new, wonderful blogs.  Blogs written by people more like myself, people that I can relate to.  They may be smarter, funnier, or more stylish than I am, but I find something in them that inspires me.  Now, I feel like I have barely begun to scratch the surface of finding my favorites, so I can't possibly narrow it down to just five.  Instead, here are five ways that I have been inspired by blogs lately:

1.  Finding beauty in the mundane.  Reading about the everyday occurrences that someone is thankful for and blessed by encourages me to take a deeper look at my own little world.  I remember not to take the little things for granted and to appreciate all that I have.

2.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  This is so obvious and cliche, but I can't begin to tell you how inspired I am by all of the beautiful photography that I see on blogs.  It motivates me to step it up and learn how to improve my own photography skills.

3.  I am not alone.  How comforting and reassuring it is to know that someone else feels the way that I do.  Someone else shares the same fears and insecurities, or even the same hopes and dreams.  I love when I stumble across a blog post and feel like I could have written it myself (if I was only so eloquent).

4.  Reading the writing.  I am such a visual person, so I am drawn first to the pretty things.  The blogs with the best pictures and the best designs.  But I love reading when someone really has something to say, and they are really good at saying it.  I'm inspired to dig deeper and think harder.

5.  Get out there.  Reading about other people's hobbies, travels, and life experiences inspires me to broaden my own horizons.  Sometimes I forget to get out of my own little bubble and try something new.  A healthy dose of jealousy is an awfully good motivator.

What else have I left out?  What have you been inspired by lately?

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them


  1. Love your take on this and couldn't agree more! :)

  2. I think you hit it right on the money with this one.. I totally agree. My taste is blogs have changed because of this challenge - and inspiration has totally sky rocketed. Let alone finding your blog a couple of days ago from this challenge. I think its setting a whole new way of thinking for bloggers and hopefully we continue to share the mundane and find a way to make it interesting after this challenge is long gone!

  3. I LOVE how you interpreted this post topic. This challenge has been so wonderful and has opened so many doors and created so many new friendships for me as well. The blog world is full of so much inspiration!

  4. I love this! Great take on the prompt. I get inspired by blogs too, especially in the photography area. And I'm always adding or tweaking things on my own blog from stuff I see on others that I'm inspired by. It's so interesting all the different designs and colors and fonts people choose to represent themselves.


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