May 10, 2013

learning the hard way

You may know by now that Riley and I have been fixing up an old sailboat. Yes, it’s been rewarding, and yes, we’re super excited about our trip… etc. However, lest you think it’s all been fun, games, and smooth sailing, let me fill you in on a little story by way of a lesson on acetone. 

First of all, who really uses acetone for anything? I knew that my nail polish remover was acetone free. I know a lot more now. 

So, let’s say you have an old sailboat that has four leaky windows. You’re going to want to replace them. This involves removing the windows, scraping down and sanding all of the old sealant from the open holes, cutting new windows, positioning them, and then filling them with new sealant. All of this may take you a good solid day and a half of work. It’s really not very much fun, but you will have bright new windows that you can actually see out. 

Now, let’s say that the scraps of old sealant left black marks all over your deck. You can take a clean rag and some acetone and wipe them up. What’s that? You also have some stray black sealant on your new windows? DO NOT, under any circumstance, use ACETONE on the WINDOWS! And if it doesn’t seem to be working at first, do not apply more, scrub harder, or start applying to another section of the window. The frosted effect that you are now seeing means that you have destroyed the finish on your brand new window. 

Furthermore, when you retreat to the cabin of your boat and begin sobbing loudly and uncontrollably for the next half an hour at the horror of your mistake, remember, there is no privacy in a boatyard. All of the grown men working on their own boats will be able to hear every single thing you say. At this point, you will not only have become the stupid girl that put acetone on the Plexiglas windows, you are also the (much worse) overly emotional handful of a wife. And you will realize why there are no other women in the boat yard.


  1. Oh no! If it makes you feel any better (probably not) I would have done the same thing! Who knew?! Hopefully Riley was understanding. And who cares about all those men in the boatyard. Most of them probably wish their wives were even interested in being there! Or they're jerks and that's why they're there alone. ;)

    1. haha, thanks Kelsea. I don't know how, but he was so calm. It was actually one of those "yes, dear" situations where I had told him what I was going to do, and he said ok, but obviously wasn't listening :) When he realized what I was doing he said calmly, "hey honey, why don't you stop and see if you can wipe that off..."

  2. What you and your husband are doing is so awesome!

    At least this experience will be something you two can look back at and laugh about in the future :) And hey, now you have really left your mark on the boat ;)

    Im definitley a new follower! Love your blog :)

    1. I left my mark on the boat... I hadn't thought of it like that before :) I love that!!! Thanks Wendy!


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