May 24, 2013

the worst

Shirt: J.Crew Maxi: Modcloth Shoes: Seychelles Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Purse: Anthropologie Necklace: The Bauble Dept.

Here's a fun topic for today: My top three worst traits.  This is too easy.

I worry.  I worry about things that are happening and about things that are going to happen.  I worry about things that never under any circumstance could ever possibly happen.  I even worry about things that have already happened.

I over analyze.  I over analyze the comment that Riley just made, because surely it has some hidden meaning.  I over analyze the things I do and say.  I even over analyze the skin on my face.  If you know what I mean.

I doubt.  Mostly myself and my own abilities.  Fortunately, I never doubt the people close to me.  And they always have enough faith in me for the both of us.  Faith and patience; because obviously they're going to need it when dealing with this piece of work.

Okay, now confess.  What is your worst trait?
Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits


  1. Yip, I tend to over analyse as well. I just followed your blog, hope you'll do the same :)

  2. Love your outfit today, gorgeous! Fantastic top 3 traits, I totally identify with all of them. However I do think they probably make you the successful person you are, if you don't worry, over analyze or doubt you wouldn't try so hard, you would be perfectly average instead of fabulous like you are :)

  3. Allison, you always have the best views for your post.I can understand the worring. A quote I heard once and it stuck: "give all your worries to God. He's gonna be up anyway"

  4. These are three of my worst traits too. I am horrible when it comes to doubting things, I 'm always seeking some kind of reassurance.

  5. Oh I worry too. I hate worrying. And then I get all sorts grumpy and "damn-it-all-to-hell" because I've worried myself sick. We need a monthly vacation, our type does!

  6. I worry about everything and I'm scared of everything. Everything and everyone unfamiliar scares me. It holds me back from living...

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