Jun 19, 2013

how to look put together without really trying

Shirt: J.Crew factory Skirt: Madewell Shoes: Seychelles Clutch: J.Crew 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Watch: Vintage Necklace: The Bauble Dept.

1. Buy a stretchy knit skirt.  Or another shape that you feel comfortable in, something that you can dress up or down.  Neutral colors and a neutral pattern make it so easy to mix and match.  Black and white stripes are obviously just about as basic as you can get.  But basic is what I do best.

2.  Knot a button up.  Just so that you look like you tried a little, but maybe not too hard.  Also, a looser fit balances out a tighter skirt.  Ironing optional.

3.  Wear sunglasses.  They hide a multitude of sins.  Tired eyes, crying eyes, I woke up late and didn't put any make up on eyes.

4.  Keep the accessories simple.  A single watch or bracelet, and a statement necklace are all you need.

5. Pose nonchalantly in front of a neutral background that compliments... nevermind, skip this one.

These are obviously not groundbreaking fashion rules, but they are the ones that I live by.  Like, everyday.  Because I literally can't stop wearing this skirt.  Seriously, it's so great and versatile that
others have been inspired to go out and buy the same one.

Ok, so maybe it was just my sister.

But still.

p.s. Don't forget about the 10% off promotion on pearl jewelry (like the necklace above) in my etsy shop for the month of June!  Coupon code JUNEPEARLS


  1. Haha, pose in front of a neutral background...

    My trick is to wear my glasses instead of my contacts. The frames seem to detract from tired, I-was-up-too-late-watching-netflix eyes.

  2. A nice neutral outfit is great to mix and match...and accessorize!
    Lovin' those cute sandals too!

  3. Ooh, love the strappy sandals! And your necklace is beautiful :)

    1. Thanks! I love this necklace because I feel like it can be so dressy, or a little casual!

  4. Love this look - that skirt is gorgeous. Sunglasses are my go-to - particularly after a very long night of being completely irresponsible. You look gorgeous!

  5. I love that skirt! I have a horizontal striped skirt that I've been trying to find the right thing to wear it with. I don't really have any neutral button downs so that might be just the thing. Hmm...time for a shopping trip?

  6. What a great little outfit. Love the necklace and those sandals.

  7. You are looking so cute! I really like the setting of the pictures.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a great little spot!

  8. Girl, you look so put together it isn't even funny. Love the skirt!

  9. Just found and perused the first couple pages of your blog. How cute are you?! Love all the posts. Had a hard time deciding where to comment.

    Thanks for sharing beauty.


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