Jun 12, 2013

splitting hairs

Shirt: Fossil Jeans, Scarf: Anthropologie Belt, Clutch: J.Crew 
Watch: Vintage Necklace: The Bauble Dept.

I'd like to think that I have a few talents in life.  But there are some things that I'm just never going to master.  

Exhibit A: my hair.
Now, I'm not sure if it boils down to incompetency, impatience, or just plain laziness, but I'm at this point in my life where I could care less about doing a single thing to my hair.  Obviously, as evidenced by the pictures above, some days I forget to even pick up the brush.  We'll just call it disheveled chic.  Back in middle school when I got my own personal version of the "Rachel,"  I would wake up at 5:30 every morning to wash, dry, and meticulously curl my hair.  I'm sure it was totally worth it.

Apparently, I'm having a hard time finding the line between trying too hard, and just plain not trying.

I envy those girls with their natural, beachy waves.  Or the ones who can whip out some elaborate braided, twisted updo like it was nothing.  I never even perfected the messy bun.  Yes, I'm aware that "perfect" isn't really the object of the whole thing, but mine just never looks right.  How do you do it??  And as much as I adore curly hair on other women, thank goodness I wound up with straight, because I'd have no idea what to do with that situation. I'm a "wash and air dry, maybe tie a scarf on my head if I'm feeling fancy," kind of girl.

So, do you have any great advice?  Have you mastered the art of the messy bun?  What are your go to hairstyles?


  1. Love your outfit, Allison!
    The necklace is beautiful :)
    I hear you on the hair issues. Mine are neither straight nor curly - I have to go to a lot of trouble to get them styled. I don't have time for that!

  2. I wage a constant war with my hair, too! It's wavy bordering on curly, and MAN does it like to be stupid when it's humid. Or raining. Or if I dry it wrong. I use a lot of bobby pins and lightweight hairspray to get it presentable, but I am so jealous of everyone with straight hair. You guys have it easy! :-)

  3. I love your disheveled chic outlook on your hair! I am in the same pattern with my hair. Between being a single mom and running my business full time, I just don't feel like I have the time or energy to spend the hour on my hair like I did years ago. My downfall is putting it up in a ponytail now... maybe for the summer I will get a pretty scarf for when I leave the house to dress it up a bit. Thanks for the idea.

  4. First of all, your necklace is really pretty! You do great work :) Second of all, sadly I have mastered the messy bun. I say sadly, because I would rather NOT have mastered it and instead have cute waves or something less messy. But, alas, my thick head of hair takes FOREVER to wash and dry and straighten, so messy bun it is. Pretty much every single day all summer long.

  5. I LOVE that outfit! And I think it's pretty funny that you're wearing the exact necklace that I pinned for my post today ;) I love all those colors together :)

  6. i love that clutch i immediately knew it was from jcrew!! i love your outfit

  7. you are aamazing honey, i really love your top


  8. What a lovely outfit! Perfect for summer - and I love the touch of peach...

  9. You look lovely, I especially like your bag. At the moment, I really dislike my hair. I am trying to grow out my bangs. It goes in every direction, accept the one I want it to go!

  10. Cute outfit. The necklace with the white shirt really stands out....Dealing with the hair. I have finally decided to stop fighting my hair. I've got curly hair, a bit more curly than wavy, so if I leave it alone I get ringlets in spots and waves in others. I am lucky that I pretty much shake my head like a sheepdog and I'm good to go. The less I do with it the better it looks. Have you tried twisting your hair into a loose chignon with chopsticks? Easy and fun.


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