Jun 5, 2013

strand of pearls

I have a slight obsession with pearls.  It may have all started with the book Grandfather Twilight.  Did you ever read that book as a child?  Every evening, Grandfather Twilight removes a single pearl from an endless glowing strand in his magical trunk, and places it in the sky as the moon.  I loved the story and the illustrations had such a magical, luminous quality to them.

Anyway, as far as jewelry goes, pair a smooth, round shape (I love circles…weird?) with a creamy white sheen and I am sold.  Nothing is quite as classic as a string of pearls.  But when I opened up my own Etsy shop, I wanted to find a way to wear pearls that would feel new and fresh.  Small pearls at the end of a delicate gold or silver chain, or pearls paired with pyrite and citrine (some of my other favorites).  A simple necklace or pair of pearl earrings also layers with and complements other jewelry so well.

Since the pearl is one of June’s birthstones (along with moonstone and alexandrite), I’m offering 10% off all pearl jewelry in the shop through the end of the month.  Just enter the code JUNEPEARLS at checkout!



  1. I love pearl, too, but haven't found many pieces that work well with casual and dressy. I LOVE your necklaces! They're so unique and I feel like I could wear them with a dress or a pair of jeans and a tshirt. So pretty :)

  2. I love your necklaces! Romantic and elegant!

  3. Such beautiful jewelry! So elegant and classic!

  4. I love pearls..I actually have a pearl wedding ring :)


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