Jul 30, 2013

the dragons are coming... to new bern

Riley and I spent the weekend at the boat in New Bern.  After taking care of some early morning boat projects while it was still fairly cool, we headed in to town to check out the dragon boat races.  As with most sporting events, I found the people and inanimate objects to be much more interesting than the sport itself.  So, after watching with the other spectators for awhile, we wandered over to where the teams were waiting and where the real action was happening.

All I really wanted was a close up of the boat, anyway.
This may look like the beginnings of a brawl, but really they were just dancing to My Girl.

So, maybe dragon boat races aren't really my thing.  Or maybe they're just not as exciting (or authentic) in New Bern.  But it was still a nice reprieve from boat projects and multiple Lowes and West Marine runs.  And it gave us a good excuse to go in to town for awhile and check out a new restaurant for lunch, too.  Also, I have to give myself a pat on the back for finally leaving Gidget on the boat by herself.  I was too paranoid that it would be too hot or that she would make a fuss for the whole marina to hear.  But, she did great!  Overall, it was a good, productive but enjoyable weekend.  We got to check off the projects on Riley's to do list, and I got to see my dragon boats.



  1. Dragon boats sounds so fun! Glad you had a good week enjoying your time out!
    Thanks for linking up with :)

  2. Very cool...love your close up shots!

  3. What beautiful photos. I love the atmosphere at these races. My husband and I watched them for the first time in Hong Kong and it was just amazing!

  4. Great pictures, looks like my kind of boat! I would have loved to see that dance. Was it good?

    1. It was cute, they were just having a good time :)

  5. Love the dragon boat! Great pictures!

  6. your photography is incredible!!!


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