Jul 29, 2013


Chelsa, and her turquoise bedecked wrists (my kinda girl!), mapping out her weekend
I mentioned in my last post that I had the chance to attend FloydFest last Thursday.  FloydFest is a four day music extravaganza that happens to be held in my own backyard.  A bit of an exaggeration of course, but I consider anything within an hours drive of my house to be pretty close.  My sister in law, Chelsa, has been one of the photographers for the event for the past few years.  I was able to tag along with one of her tickets for the day, which was quite the experience seeing as how she is a talented photographer and genuine local "celebrity."  I toyed with the idea of bringing my own "real" camera along (which, coincidentally, used to be Chelsa's) but figured I'd just be following her around trying to grab all of her shots, but failing in my embarrassingly amateur attempts.  So I chickened out and resorted to iphone photos instead.

FloydFest is the perfect place for one of a kind people watching, excellent live music and fantastic festival food.  I caught it on the first day, so I'm sure I missed some of the more entertaining aspects of festival life (you know how people get a little more "free" as the days go on...), but you get the idea.

The highlight for me was definitely the performance by The Lumineers.  There's just something about the energy of a live outdoor show.  When the stage lights up the night and everyone starts dancing and singing along... I love it.

Have you been to any music festivals yet this summer?  What has been your all time favorite concert experience?



  1. Oh yeah like the Lumineers. That festival sounds great, what a fun day!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. Holy people watching, indeed! I haven't been to an outdoor festival in a few years. I used to go to Warped Tour in college (because I was emo) but it's always so freakin' hot here that we always opt for something indoors if possible.

  3. I like those jellyfishes (never thought I'd say that!) and the headpieces.

  4. That looks like such a fun event! I can't even remember the last time I saw a good live concert. Isn't that terrible? I need some music in my life!

  5. I've been lame this summer when it comes to summer festivals and the like. This looks awesome! p.s. I would have chickened out too ;)


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