Jul 25, 2013

the life of riley

It's 6 am and it's hard to wake up.  His body is still tired and sore from the day before.  He gets up slowly and starts to stretch it out, and I hear the sound of bones shifting back into place as he goes.  His body is too young to be so old.  I guess that's what happens when you play hard for 27 years straight, and work even harder.

He leaves for the job he's had since he was 15.  He's been making significant financial decisions for as long, and has been working non stop to make something of his life.  He works hard, and he's good at what he does.  I've never actually been to work with him, but I can say this with certainty because he has the strongest work ethic of anyone I've ever known and he's good at everything he's ever attempted.  He calls in the middle of the day just to see how my day is and to tell me he loves me.  I wish I still had all 5 years worth of mid day voicemails I've ever received.

He gets home, and starts work all over again.  But not before a kiss and telling me I'm pretty.  He starts working around our house, or someone else's, or maybe building something new for the boat.  He finally stops for the day and washes away the sweat and dirt from a days worth of hard labor.  He slowly lowers himself onto the couch with a loud sigh, as if to physically expel the stress and tension of the day.  He has reading, and dreaming, and planning to do.  Because, this is not all that he has in mind for his life.  And the thing you have to know about Riley is, he is a dreamer... and a doer.

He thanks me for dinner.  He always does.  Then he sits down with me to watch my Nicholas Sparks movie like there is nothing else in the world he'd rather be doing.  He always falls asleep halfway through, and I'll have to wake him back up to go to bed so that he won't miss his alarm in the morning, or wake up feeling any more sore than he already will.

As he falls asleep, he whispers that he loves me.  And then he'll say it a few more times.  Because each time he starts to drift off he'll forget that he's said it already.  And he wants to be sure that I know.  But I know, my dear, I know.  I know it by the way that you work hard to provide for us, and by the way you dream and plan for our life together.  I know it by the way you call me just to say hello, and by the way you make the time and effort to be thoughtful even when you have so much on your plate.  I know it when you're calm and patient, even when I'm being difficult.  I know it by your hug, your kiss, and I see it in your eyes.  I know it.  All of these things, the big and the small, do not go unnoticed.  

And just in case you didn't know it,
 I love you, too.



  1. What a beautiful tribute! So well written too...

  2. This is so beautiful! What a fantastic love you have. Found you through etsy and I'm excited to start following you here!

  3. Aw, Allison. This brought tears to my eyes. This is such a sweet tribute to Riley. I've always loved how obvious it is that he absolutely loves and adores you. I hope he reads this :)

  4. Aww what a sweet post this is!! I'm glad you have such a sweet and loving husband. It sounds like you'll have nothing at all to worry about in your future :)

    Exploring My Style

  5. I can see why riley might have had some tears in his eyes :) And I love that you love my brother so much :)

  6. What a sweet post :) You've really got a keeper there...but not that I needed to tell you that :)

  7. A beautiful post! Love is amazing, isn't it? You know when you have something good. :)

  8. What a beautifully written, heartfelt post! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  9. This is the cutest post ever! I might have to steal this idea. I love it! You could have written this about Jordan. He's been working as an electrician since high school, and he is dog tired at the end of a long day of standing on ladders and crawling through attics. He has the bones of an old man too!


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