Aug 9, 2013

the time I stopped washing my hair

1. Today is Book Lover's Day!  I'm still making my way through my Nicholas Sparks marathon.  I take these sorts of things very seriously.  I also picked up The Forgotten Garden after reading Amanda's review.  I haven't started it yet, but I'm feeling like I'm going to need a little break from all of this emotional turmoil soon (even the books with happy endings somehow feel sad?!).  What has been your favorite read this summer?

2. While we're on the subject of random holidays, tomorrow is National S'mores Day and surprisingly enough, I will not be celebrating.  I've been on this terrible junk food kick lately and it has to stop!  Last January I cut practically all sugar out of my diet but I've been slowly relapsing in the last several months.  It's time to start cutting back again!

3. I am really, really late to the party on this one (I usually am), but I have finally experienced for myself the miracle that is dry shampoo.  I have heard girls raving about it for years now and always thought, "that's great for you, but you don't know just how bad my hair is." I finally broke down and tried it in anticipation of living on a sailboat for a few months with limited access to hot showers.  This stuff actually does work.  I think it's going to help solve a lot of these hair woes, as well.  For the first time in my life I am rocking three day hair, and it feels good.  Thank you, Suave, for changing my life (a little dramatic, but still!).

4. After our plans to go out of town this weekend fell through, it looks like Riley and I will be spending our weekend at home, painting.  Now, usually I don't mind it so much.  I have repainted our walls more times than I would like to count, just because I wanted to change the color.  But that's a little more exciting than the trim and doors that are waiting for us in our newly finished basement apartment.  Fun, right?

5.  I found myself in a little bit of a rut this week, spending entirely too much time on the internet and also saying things like, "tonight feels like a good night for some Netflix and an early bedtime," and then realizing that's what we did the night before, and the night before that... I'm looking forward to spending my time a little more intentionally this weekend, and searching for some fresh inspiration out in the real world instead of online.

I hope you have a wonderful, inspiring weekend!



  1. Mmmmm...I'm craving a s'mores now!
    I need to hire you to come paint my new studio :) Boy do I hate to paint!
    I tend to fall into the Netflix and early bedtime routine often too!

  2. TOTALLY guilty on #5. I feel like at least 5 days a week I say that. Happy painting weekend!!

  3. I absolutely LOVED The Forgotten Garden - I've even read her two other novels House at Riverton and The Distant Hours. I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series and when I'm finished I'm looking forward to picking up her latest, The Secret Keeper. Enjoy!

  4. me too, can`t live anymore without the possibilty of using dry shampoo...and totally can relate to 5., me whole week was like that...:), thankyou also for stopping by myspace, like your space a lot, many greetings from far Germany, noni!

  5. I say you should reverse your plan--go for the s'mores and skip the painting!

  6. I totally hear you on the Netflix and the online thing. So... what are you doing reading this? GET OFF LINE! Just kidding. Sort of. But seriously, HOW did I miss that today was book lover's day? I shall celebrate by reading a book. Also, one last thing... I think you will find Forgotten Garden sad. Emotional turmoil abounds. However, I do think you'll like it. Let me know what you think!

  7. They should make it INTERnational s'mores day! Which book is your favourite so far?

    1. It totally should be a worldwide holiday! I've probably liked Message in a Bottle best so far, but I think my favorite might still be The Notebook. It's been several years since I've read it, though.

  8. Hey, I'm painting this weekend too! It's not the most fun thing in the world, but the after affect is always super great!

    I'm glad you discovered dry shampoo - it's definitely my favorite hair product ever!

  9. I KNEW IT!! I knew you'd love the dry shampoo! SO glad you got it! :)
    And you could totally come to the family reunion tomorrow and keep me company....I'm making a new Southern Living recipe and I think you would like it ;)


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