Oct 11, 2013

the 5 S's of happiness (or, how Target read my mind)

I have a confession to make.  I was a little grumpy yesterday.
(I say a little, Riley says a lot.  Tomato, tomahto.)

When I came to the realization that this was my fault and not Riley's, the boat's, the weather's, or the rest of the world's, I asked myself the following questions:

1. Have you eaten?
- Nope. Never had breakfast.

2. Have you showered?
- Nope. Actually, not since... well, never mind.

3. Are you tired?
- Nope.  Really haven't done all that much lately with all this rain.

4. Have you gotten any fresh air in say, the last two days?
- Again, no.

5. Do you need to go shopping?
- Yes!  Silly question.

What I learned from this brief self assessment, was that sometimes my happiness really just boils down to the
five S's: sustenance, shower, sleep, sunshine, shopping.

Not so hard, right?  So, I took a deep breath, said a prayer, got some food and scrubbed until I was squeaky clean.  And then...

And then, Target, the one stop shopping mecca for anyone on a budget, came through for me on #5.  One of the things I had really been "needing" for our upcoming travels was a pair of new shoes.  I'm not too picky really... they just had to be black, closed toe, slip on, not leather, rubber soled, semi stylish (loafer/smoking slipper maybe?), comfortable and cheap.  You know, something to take me effortlessly from boat to shore.

I've done this before.  I like to design the perfect shoe, bag, dress, etc. in my mind and then complain that no one else has designed this exact item and actually created it.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I walked into Target yesterday to find a glorious pair of black, suede-ish loafers.  With tassels!  And rubber soles!  White rubber soles (won't scuff the boat)! Slip ons!  Cushiony insoles!  My size!  $20!

How did they know?

With that simple offering, a single pair of shoes, straight from my own imagination and onto their store shelves, Target managed to save the day, my feet, my marriage, and probably my life, too.

Next time, maybe I'll remember the 5 S's a little sooner.


  1. Those are really cute! If only there was a target in France...somebody really needs to get on that!

    1. No Targets in France then, huh? However have the French survived so long without one?! :)

  2. Looks like Target is a good place to shop for clothes! *cough* Expat *cough*

    1. Yeah, Target is a pretty good place for finding just about everything that you might possibly need... and even more that you don't. :)

  3. I saw those same shoes the other day! I love want the blue ones!

  4. Sex helps too, just saying. Target always comes through, whether it's something for the home or for yourself; it's a great one-stop-shop that you feel proud of when you're done vs. the guilt of leaving Walmart. Glad your day made a turn for the better and yes the 5 S's are essential for a happy mood. :) Enjoy your weekend! -Iva

  5. I love those shoes! I saw them the other day, but convinced myself I need a pair of leopard flats, more, but have yet to buy either! It's nice that you can get away for a little bit and have a break from the marina :) I love those glasses on you :)

  6. Nice find Allison! Very cute indeed, especially with your black pants!

    Exploring My Style

  7. beautiful.
    I love the s's. very similar to mine.
    Shower, sustenance, sunshine, sleep and sugar.
    Get in my belly chocolate.

  8. A little retail therapy is good for the soul :)

  9. Gorgeous shoes! So lucky you found them in your size!
    I'm also grumpy when hungry and either food or shopping will always lift my mood :)
    Have a great weekend aboard x

  10. I have a pair just like those and I LOVE em! I also love me some Target. We just got Target in Canada.. as of.. I think last year. Very exciting!


  11. Replies
    1. Even better, they're comfortable and so practical for this new kind of lifestyle!

  12. Been there, lived that.

    Did you seriously leave Target with ONLY the pair of shoes?

  13. Love the shoes! And I really like your list too! I did some retail therapy recently too... it works wonders when it's successful! :)

  14. I love it! So cute and functional. I was reading through your blog. What an adventure. Oh, to be young... Thank you for sharing the journey of the sailboat. I cannot believe youguys are setting sail!


    1. Thanks! I don't know if "young" has as much to do with it as say, "crazy," maybe. :) Most of the sailors that we have met here at the marina are quite a bit older than we are.

      I can't believe it myself!


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