Oct 16, 2013

when the mums took over new bern

I actually had to squat in the middle of the street for this photo.  When I stood up, first I checked to make sure my shirt had been pulled down in back, you know, and then I patted myself on the back for my bravery.  Playing pretend photographer in public is an intimidating thing.  But really, I had to get the sign and the mums.  Obviously.
We stumbled upon Mumfest in New Bern this weekend.  Well, stumbled isn't really the right word, since you honestly couldn't have missed the festival if you tried.  Riley needed to run into this hardware store for two bolts, but the streets were shut down and the whole town was out celebrating.  So, we  had to park and walk about two miles just to get two bolts. But if you know how much I adore festivals, you know it was well worth it.  Actually, the hardware store itself isn't so bad either.  It's been in operation since forever, has just about everything you could possibly think of, and it's infinitely more interesting than Lowes, which I am quite familiar with by this point.  Plus, everyone is just plain friendly.  So, after fetching the very important bolts, we spent a few hours wandering around, breathing in deep the smell of fried festival food (a great improvement over dead fish), weaving through the crowds, admiring the gorgeous historic homes, and even exploring the most picturesque of cemeteries.  It was a cool and gloomy day (but no rain!), the perfect weather for a fall festival.
Surprisingly, the only mums in attendance of Mumfest, were the ones outside of the hardware store.  But I suppose they were gorgeous enough to hold their own.

I was looking through my photos, and found it interesting that while Mumfest was your typical street fair with crowds, vendors, and food trucks, this was the only picture that actually included any of that.  I suppose I would never make a good event photographer.

Since Riley has several inches on me, I handed him the camera so that he could snap a better shot of this performer from his perspective.  I though it was hilarious that the photo he took was in fact, rather like my own perspective.  I corrected him, of course, so he took another shot, this time of the actual guy throwing the knife, torch, and apple (all while taking bites of the apple in between).  Turns out, I liked his first photo better anyway.  How is it that he always knows what he's doing even when he has no idea what he's doing?  I wish some of that would start to rub off on me already.

I've really come to love this little town, and I'm going to miss it when we leave.  It has so much character and charm, and it's been a fun home away from home for us.  I hope that we'll be able to spend some more time here at some point in the future!


  1. The mums are quite pretty. And I love the part about Riley taking a picture from his perspective that wound up being quite like your perspective.

    Also, Lowes can't hold a candle against the small hometown hardware stores when it comes to character and charm - that is quite true!


  2. Haha, sounds like you guys had a great time! And I love all the beautiful flowers...they're just so pretty. It lights up the street :)

  3. I love mums! They're so...fall in a flower. These photos are gorgeous, and my husband is also good at things even when he has no idea what he's doing. Like dieting and weight loss. He's skinny and his muscles are visible. Even when he's not trying. Don't get me started on this. Haha. Happy Wednesday!

  4. SOOOOO GORGEOUS. and your photography is spot on! love it!!! makes me want to ask for a fancy camera for christmas!!! love it, lady!

  5. I'm glad you've found some comfort of a small town while you're away from home. What a fun treat to break up the days at the marina :)

  6. the mums are beautiful but I'm obessed with that park full of pumpkins! and that little tiny one... so cute :)

    1. obsessed, I mean. gosh... too excited to type properly!

  7. New Bern looks like such a character town! I live in one of those too, on Vancouver Island. My husband and I call it 'Pleasantville' because everything is really well taken care of here. I love little town festivals like this!! It reminds me of Star's Hollow from Gilmore Girls. So cute.

  8. Aw jealous! I'm desperate for another festival! Got to catch an hour of the Arts and Crafts Fest in Floyd but I just adore festivals, and fall, so another one would suit my fancy quite well.


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