Nov 1, 2013

5 ways a blog is like a zombie

1. It wants to eat my brain.
Generally, I'm either writing a blog post, taking pictures, replying to comments, reading other blogs, leaving them comments, or at least thinking about any of the above.  It's actually kind of scary just how much time I spend thinking about blogging.

2. It's dead, but it's living.
I still think it's amazing how I can sit behind an inanimate object, string a bunch of words onto a screen, and somehow become connected to people all over the world.  Technology can be so cold and isolating, but the blogging community is a living, breathing thing.

3. It shuffles when it tries to walk.
When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing.  I suppose no one really does.  Sometimes I'm tempted to scratch it and start all over, now that I have a little bit of experience under my belt.  Not that I have it completely figured out now, either.  But I feel like we've at least progressed from limping along to shuffling, and maybe eventually we'll get somewhere.  Yes, I did just refer to my blog and myself as "we."  Told you it was eating my brain.

4.  It has "wandering sickness."
Not only is it shuffling, but it's shuffling all over the place in a seemingly random fashion.  Sometimes I'm talking about outfits and jewelry (those are some of the posts I'd like to scratch by the way.  They're kind of embarrassing.), other times it's recipes, life events, memories, and now it's pretty much consumed by life in a sailboat. 

5. It raised my creativity from the dead.
Before I started blogging, I wasn't writing, I wasn't taking pictures, and I wasn't even experimenting as much in the kitchen.  I really wasn't doing anything to feed my own creativity.  I feel like blogging has been such a good way to tap into so many things that I was interested in, but never really put the time or effort into pursuing.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with this.
    Especially about it being so cold and isolated yet the blogs open up this whole other living being.

  2. This is so true!! Blogging really forced me to be more intention in being creative.

  3. Allison, you just put into words the way I'm feeling about blogging. I love this analogy, it's spot on! Every point of it. Well put girl!

  4. Great (and fitting! Happy belated Halloween!) way to describe it. I agree with every single one of those points!


  5. So true..and it makes me laugh ;) This is exactly what happens! :)

  6. This is such a funny list...and all so true :)
    It really is amazing how we can all connect through an "unliving" object!

  7. Haha yes these are all so true!!! :)

  8. Yes! I completely agree with all your points. Especially blogging taking over your brain. Sometimes it amazes me how much of my life it takes up. But at the same time it is making me more creative and pushing me out of my comfort zone so I'd say it's a fair trade. Plus, it's pretty fun and you meet amazing people!
    Whimsy Darling

  9. Fun, well written and very true post! Since I started blogging, I am taking so much more pictures, I drag my camera with me (almost) everywhere, loving how it makes me look at new things, or different at the old ones.

  10. Preach it!

    Amen to it all, sister.

  11. Yes! Especially to #1. It's pretty much all I think about and relate life's a little ridiculous. haha This was so creative, and I love that pretty picture! I Facetimed with your mom, Eva, & Judy last night and they all said they enjoyed seeing you guys yesterday! How fun!

  12. lol at #5! blogging does seem to have a way of forcing you to push yourself and try new things :)


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