Nov 5, 2013

how cupcakes saved the day

There are three cardinals rules that I have for traveling:

1. Don't forget your chambray shirt.
2. Don't leave the house/hotel/boat hungry.
3. Don't leave the house/hotel/boat without a plan.

Guess who recently broke all three rules?  Actually, it was Riley that broke rule #2, but #1 and #3 were all me.  For the record, I am really having a hard time getting over the loss of my chambray shirt.  I mean, if there is one article of clothing that a girl on a boat with a limited wardrobe needs, it's a chambray shirt.  I just can't figure out how it happened or why it took me so long to notice.

Anyway, we arrived in Charleston yesterday.  There isn't really a great anchorage here, so we splurged for a marina, since it's one of the places I have been looking forward to visiting the most.  I was here once before during a family vacation a few years ago, but we stayed on the beach at Isle of Palms, and only came into Charleston for one day.  I was excited to experience it in a new way.  Long story short, our anchorage guidebook says it best when it says, "Charleston is a wonderful city to visit, but it isn't."  Basically, next time you vacation to Charleston, don't do it by boat.  Our marina is very nice and offers a shuttle service, but it's just really not the best, most convenient way to experience the city.  It dropped us off, and then we wandered around for the next several hours on foot, in the very blustery, very cold weather.  It wasn't all Charleston's fault, because like I said, we broke rules #2 and #3 to begin with.  By the time 5:00 rolled around we were tired, discouraged, cold, windblown, and really not having a great time.  We couldn't decide on a restaurant for dinner, and no one started serving until 5:30 or 6 anyway.  The thing about dining in Charleston is, it's a lot of pressure.  We only have time for a few meals while we're here, we're on a budget, and there are too many restaurants to choose from.  We can't waste an opportunity just choosing any old place to eat, it has to be the right place.

Finally, Riley said, "why don't we just grab a snack to hold us over?" Um.  Ok.  It only took us several hours to figure that one out.  Personally, I like my snacks to be cute and full of sugar.  Along came Cupcake to the rescue by way of two hot cups of coffee and two s'mores cupcakes.  We found the stamina we needed to salvage the rest of the day and managed to continue our brilliant decision making skills with an absolutely delicious dinner at Coast.  If you ever go, I highly, highly recommend the crab and avocado ravioli.  No other ravioli will ever compare.

And that is my really long, rather pointless story about how cupcakes saved the day.

No, I take that back.  The moral of the story is, never break the three cardinal rules of traveling and, when all else fails, cupcake.

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  1. Smores cupcake?! Crab and avocado ravioli?! That settles it. I'm coming to sail on your boat with you. Or, at least, I'll just drive parallel down the coast while you float along.

  2. That smores cupcake looks delicious!! I'm glad dinner was delicious! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures there!

  3. Crab and avocado ravioli sounds like the most delicious food, ever... and the s'mores cupcake looks pretty dang good, too! I'd say you had definite food success! Yum. :)

  4. Crab and avocado ravioli sounds sooooo good. And I love your three rules of travel. I'm adopting them, I think, because they make perfect sense.

    I'm glad the day was salvaged with delicious cupcakes!


    1. I'm glad you like them! Haha, I hope you have a much easier time remembering them than I seem to. ;)

  5. Charleston is one of my very favorite places! I lived there over the summer. I hope your next few days are better than your first. But I totally agree, there are so many restaurants to chose from and it gets overwhelming.
    p.s. There is a J.Crew factory outlet there if you need a new chambray : )

  6. Sorry it wasn't all your expect but at least you got cupcakes! On to the next destination. :)

  7. That cupcake looks incredible! And I love your traveling rules :) I agree with the chambray shirt one!

  8. I'm loving all of these cupcake shops that are popping up everywhere. They are all SO freaking good! So glad your cupcake saved the day. That's one delicious looking cupcake!

  9. thaaaaat looks like heaven. YUM! and so much pink. BLISS! :)

  10. Girl I feel your pain. I lost a chambray over the summer and I get re-mad about it all the time. It's such an essential item. Thank goodness for cupcakes!

  11. Cupcakes always save the day! And that one looks PERFECT! I'm all about s'mores anything.

  12. Oh my, how could you ever choose just one! Cupcakes make everything better :)

  13. I'm sure your wisdom will save me in future travels... Let's see if I can remember three simple rules... ;-)

  14. That cupcake looks amazing!! I would never be able to follow those simple rules while traveling.

  15. oh man, there's nothing worse than trying to choose a restaurant to eat at when your starving, it's impossible! Good call on having a cupcake snack first :)


    also, I imagine space on a boat is limited but you need to have a backup chambray shirt just in case!

  16. a. if you still want it in January, I'll meet Eva and bring the shirt to you :) ..and of course anything else you need!
    b. Hominy Grill. Cheap. YUMMY.


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