Nov 27, 2013

safety and peace of mind

Today, I am thankful for Jekyll Harbor Marina.

When we came into Jekyll Island, we had only intended to stay for two, three nights tops.  But then Riley needed stitches, so we stayed a few extra days to let his hand heal.  And then, the crazy winds hit, and we stayed to wait for a safe time to leave.  Ten days later, we are still here.

One of the things that we have enjoyed most about this trip has been staying in a new place (almost) every night.  As much as we have enjoyed Jekyll Island, after day six or seven, we were feeling ready to move on.  We had covered pretty much the entire island by bike, and that stopped being as much fun in this harsh, cold, wind.  So we've been boat-bound for the last couple of days.  Fortunately, since we have wifi here at the marina, we decided to activate our Netflix subscription for the time being. I love reading, but honestly, one month without any tv or movies was just about all I could handle.  I'm addicted, I'll admit it.  So I've been binging on as many cheesy, made-for-tv Christmas movies as I can.  

Even though we're ready to move on, and we've been kind of bummed about the weather, I can't express just how thankful we are to have been "stuck" at Jekyll Harbor Marina.  The staff here is so friendly and helpful, and they have especially gone out of their way to take great care of Riley after he hurt his hand.  And the fact that we're waiting out the weather at a marina instead of anchored out in the middle of nowhere, is such a huge blessing.  The wind is blasting and roaring around us at 30, even up to 40 miles an hour today, and we have peace of mind knowing that we're tied safely to a dock.

And now, I am going to continue my Netflix marathon.  Any recommendations on what I need to watch before I have to give it up again?


  1. I'm sorry you're stuck but at least you're stuck in a warm safe place. If you haven't checked out Pitch Perfect yet it's a must see.

  2. we've had that wind to........what the heck is up with that? sounds like a great place to anchor and explore for a few days. hope riley's hand is healing. happy thanksgiving

  3. I'm glad you guys have somewhere safe to be!! I've been binging on those movies too :) Have you seen 12 dates of Christmas?!

  4. I'm glad to hear Riley's doing better and that you are at least stuck somewhere safe! x


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