Nov 7, 2013

striking out in charleston

our marina of mega yachts

Oh, Charleston. She's beautiful, she's a good cook, and she has expensive taste. In any other circumstance, one would think she'd be my kind of girl. But to us, on this trip, she was just too much.

We knew we were bound to strike out sooner or later, but I didn't expect it to be in Charleston. Part of it had to do with our own very unusual, unique, current circumstances (that is, living on a very small boat and making do with less), part of it had to do with unfortunate weather, and part of it had to do with the marina where we stayed. It was a very nice facility that definitely catered to the wealthier crowd. It was a little ways outside of town, so it offered a shuttle which seemed to operate under "the bigger the tip, the better the service" plan, and we're not in a place to play that game at this point in our lives. After being surrounded by the mega yachts at the marina, we weren't in the best frame of mind to fully appreciate the multitudes of beautiful, historic mansions and plethora of higher end restaurants by the time we made it downtown. We've spent all of our time over the last few weeks either on our little boat or in some small coastal town, and in this city we felt completely out of place. It seemed that the only way to enjoy ourselves was to spend money, and that's pretty much counter to the point of this little trip of ours.

we were definitely the dinkiest boat on the dock!  that's us to the far left!
for comparison, our boat... and our neighbor's.
For the record, I'm not writing Charleston off completely. We had two delicious dinners at nice restaurants, and I'm still dreaming about that crab and avocado ravioli. I think if I visited again I would want to have the means to stay downtown where everything is more convenient, and come prepared with a significant budget that I felt comfortable spending on several nice meals. Because while I'm sure that it's possible to enjoy Charleston on a budget (especially if the weather is nice), I don't really think that's the point of visiting a city like Charleston.

We did have nice weather for awhile yesterday, so we were able to walk around, grab a few sweet treats, and take some photos. I'll share those tomorrow so that we can end this week on a positive note!


  1. I personally think your boat looks incredible! It looks like y'all spend a lot of time making it beautiful! Let's just pretend the boat next to yours was teeny tiny. :)

  2. My best friend from university was from Charleston so I spent a bit of time at her house and I always loved visiting. Of course having somewhere free to stay significantly cut down on the cost. x

  3. So sorry Charleston wasn't a good fit for this trip, I love the city but not having a mode of transportation on land can be a real problem sometimes.

  4. Haha that is such a sweet picture of your boat playing with the big boats! Keep having a great time!

    1. It does look like it's trying to run with the big boys, huh?! It really was pretty funny. :)

  5. That's so sad to hear!!
    I would love to visit Charleston one day though. Sorry you didn't have a good time like you were expecting!


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