Dec 11, 2013

sometimes I have to wonder...

Sometimes I wonder what in the world I was thinking going along with this scheme. 
Sometimes I wonder at how blessed we are to actually be living it.

Sometimes I feel like a complete impostor, only pretending to be brave and adventurous and free spirited. 
Sometimes, I am. But sometimes, I don't give myself nearly enough credit.

Sometimes I can't possibly imagine living in this teeny tiny space for one second longer. 
Sometimes it's cozy and I can't imagine needing a single thing more.

Sometimes I wonder how in the world Riley puts up with me. 
Sometimes I think to myself just how lucky he is to have a wife like me, sharing in his dream.
(sometimes I think this out loud.)

Sometimes all I want in the world is a shower. 
Sometimes I just don't care at all that I stink.

Sometimes all I can think about is moving back into a house on land. 
Sometimes I think surely this won't be our last time living on a boat.

Sometimes it seems like we've been at this forever already. 
Sometimes I realize we're just getting started…


  1. I like this reflection. Very honest. I can see how it would be easy to rock back and forth between all these feelings just like the boat your sailing on does on the waves it sails through…I know, what a metaphor! ha ha, just kidding. But really, that's what it reminds me of.

  2. Love your authenticity here. Love your heart. Hugging you! xx

  3. What a great post, it's always interesting to me how opposite things can make me happy on different days!

  4. Great post! It is amazing how we change our minds from second to second. The things that annoy us are the things we will cherish! Just soak it all in!

  5. Those are all good things to wonder so you are definitely blessed :) It must definitely be challenging but also very rewarding to be able to do and venture off the way you two are able to. :) Hope you were able to shower and hang in there! Have a great one! -Iva

  6. I love the adventure that you and your husband are on! I'm looking forward to reading more about it. This post is absolutely wonderful. I love the honesty in it.

    1. Thank you Crystal! I really appreciate you saying so. :)

  7. you sound like an expat... though I think in a lot of ways your experience is similar! this also makes me want to give you a big hug [shower or not] and a high five for chasing this dream even through the ups and downs.


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