Jan 20, 2014

a marathon weekend

Can I tell you my one and only gripe with Marathon?

There's really not much to take pictures of.  Wonderful, wonderful place for cruisers.  Not so scenic.

A few snapshots of our weekend though…

1. Manatees!
Ever since Jekyll Island Georgia, we have been seeing "Manatee Zone" signs, but as large and slow as these guys are, they've been hard to spot.  I finally got my first good glimpse of three of them the other morning as they made their rounds in the mooring field.  Sadly, my quick draw camera reflexes could use some work.  This is when it would pay to have your phone glued to your side at all times.

2.  Traffic, I tell ya!  It's hard to find a parking spot in these parts!
Even after several months, I still find a crowded dinghy dock kind of funny.  It's like looking for a space in a Target parking lot at Christmas time.  Okay, not really. These cars are inflatable, they bounce off of one another in an accident, and everyone is really friendly about the whole thing.  Except of course when we were in Dinner Key and the dock was so crowded that dinghies were tied up three-deep.  Those drivers were a little disgruntled.

In other news, Riley's been working hard on the motor and it seems like it just might be back in working order!  We had reserved our mooring ball in Marathon for a week though, so we haven't taken a test run of it yet, but it's looking good.

Also, thank you guys so much for all of your questions per Friday's post!  I was so excited to read all of them and I'm looking forward to putting together a post or two with all of the answers!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  What have you been up to?


  1. Ooohh the Manatee is so awesome!! Lacking things to take pictures of isn't much fun, I hope your motor works so you can sail on soon!

  2. It's so cool that you guys got to see the manatees! It's so strange to think of traffic when talking about boats, but I guess it's something that you have to deal with out on the water too. :)

  3. Ohh..I would love to see the Manatees. I would never have thought of a traffic issues with a boat. I just assume you can park anywhere. I guess there are lots of people that use boats all year round.

  4. Manatees!! How cool! Fingers crossed on the motor!



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