Jan 21, 2014

weirdness on the water

On our way down the coast, we have seen so many beautiful landscapes and creatures of all sorts. But sometimes, it's not the "beautiful" that catches our attention. Sometimes it's the quirky, the strange, and the downright weird. Like the face for instance, that we nearly stepped on while walking along a narrow beach in Southport, North Carolina. For whatever reason though, most of the strangest sights we've seen have been in Florida. Thanks, Florida, for keeping it interesting!

We have seen boat after boat after boat floating down the waterway, so the first time we saw a floating house, it was such a refreshing change of pace! This one had no inhabitants though, and it wasn't going anywhere, it was just... there. And dilapidated.

Not long after our floating house, we spotted our first floating… dragon?! It was just out there all by itself, so who knows what the story is there. Any guesses?

Once we got to Key West there was an abundance of floating houses. Most were just floating out there by themselves in the bay. But then, there were others, a whole community of floating houses that seemed to be tied to a dock or something. I couldn't figure it out, can anyone enlighten me on this? Whatever the story, they look pretty happy to be there.

Floating boats, floating houses, but surprisingly we haven't seen all that many actual houseboats. This one seems to have an unusual "custom" second story addition built on.

That's all I've got for now, but you can bet I'm going to continue to keep my eyes peeled and camera ready for even more weird as we go.

Have you spotted any weird on land lately?


  1. I think the weird stuff is just as picture worthy as the beauty!

  2. Woah, that face would have seriously creeped me out! haha.

  3. Very interesting! House boats are such a cool thing. You guys should leave some kind of art for others to find, too :)

  4. That dragon boat is too cool! I wonder if it was for a parade, water festival or something. That house boat is pretty sweet. Comfort is king I guess!

  5. Haha, I love these! I grew up in Florida and can attest to the weird things you see. I remember seeing a tiki bar going down the interstate one random day. Loving keeping up with your sailboat adventure!!

  6. hahah, this is delightful. i had to do a triple-take at that dragon. what on...earth?!

  7. My favorite is the face in the sand. That's just EERIE!


  8. I love looking at your photos ever day! They are the best!

  9. I love these! The face in the sand was kind of creepy. And I loved the random house just floating out there.

  10. So glad you popped over to say Hi from Fresh Face Friday because I'm obsessed with your blog! I can't imagine all the silly things you must see while on your travels, but I'm excited to follow along and find out.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Haha, there really is always something to see, weird or otherwise. :)


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