Jan 29, 2014

what to see in miami beach: the beautiful and the tragic

One of the nice things about Miami Beach is that there seems to be plenty to see without having to spend any money.  Yesterday we took a stroll around the city that led us to the Botanical Gardens and the Holocaust Memorial.  The gardens would be an interesting sight for any tourist, but I had the added privilege of touring them with my aunt who is a talented landscape designer. Seeing the foliage through the eyes of someone who actually knows what they're looking at gives it so much more meaning! 

Just around the corner from the Botanical Gardens is the Holocaust Memorial.  Did you know that South Florida has one of the largest populations of Holocaust survivors in the United States?  The memorial was developed by a small group of survivors in 1984 and features an outstretched hand and memorial wall with some the names of those that were lost.  It's a powerful and sobering sight.

So much of Miami Beach is sun and fun, but I think it's important not to skip over the offerings of the city that might touch your heart in a more meaningful way.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

- Anne Frank

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  1. It's great that you mention the memorial because I didn't even know they had one. Love the Anne Frank quote at the end, too. That's perfect.

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  3. I didn't know that they had a Holocaust Memorial. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  4. my goodness, what a combination. so far gorgeous, though!
    and thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!


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