Feb 11, 2014

the ebb and flow of life lately

a foggy morning on the water. just us and the birds and the dolphins.
it has become sort of a joke how hard of a time I have had photographing a dolphin.  one of these days!

After we left Miami Beach last week, we had a brief stint in Ft. Lauderdale where we had a few moments of perfect, and complete contentment. Meaning, for a few hours one day, every single thing that needed to be taken care of was taken care of. Our fuel and water tanks were full, our holding tank (for the toliet) was empty, our fridge and cupboards were full, every single load of laundry was washed, and we were clean and showered. Pure happiness, I tell you! The last time that every single one of those bases was simultaneously covered was probably right before we set sail back in October! Of course, just a few hours later, someone's can of beer was spilled all over our clean sheets and we also started running into all of those meanies I mentioned. You win some you lose some, I guess.

On our trek back up through Florida's waterway this past weekend, we had a few more mechanical issues. For Riley's sake, I really hope everything else in the boat can hold itself together until we get back. He is so handy and patient when it comes to these sorts of things, but it is an awful lot of trouble to have to keep trying to find the issues, and then the parts to fix them, while we're on the water.

Now, we find ourselves in Vero Beach, and we're thinking it might be a place we wouldn't mind hanging around for awhile…


  1. Oh no! Hope it is something he can fix quickly. In the meantime just enjoy the waves.

  2. Safe travels you two!!! Love these updates! xx

  3. A few perfect hours when all your basic needs and wants are met is probably hard to come by on the water. I hope you get a dolphin picture!!

  4. I wish you could train a dolphin to flip its fin and push the meanie overboard.

    1. I wonder if Flipper is still out there somewhere? ;)

  5. I continue to be amazed every time I read a little bit more about your journey! I hope y'all can relax and enjoy Vero Beach for a little while.

  6. Yay for total relaxation moments!!! They never last long enough.


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