Jul 2, 2014

currently… blueberries and tropical storms.

wishing: That I had updated my blog before now.  Is it a cop out to only show up for the "currently" link up?  I'm thinking yes.

celebrating: The 4th of July on the sailboat.  Last year we spent the holiday weekend on our boat in New Bern, and I'm excited to be able to celebrate in Southport this year!  You already know how much I loved exploring Southport anyway, but did you also know that the huge 4th of July celebration from the movie Safe Haven is a real thing?? I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself! 

wearing: A pink rain jacket and Hunter rain boots.  The only thing that has me a little concerned about this weekend is the weather forecast.  You know, that tropical storm warning for all of North Carolina's coast?  That could put a damper on the celebration, huh? We're planning to start the weekend a little early just so we can get to the boat and make sure everything is safe and secure before it hits. Good thing I've got some cute gear!

cooking: Blueberry everything!  I went blueberry picking yesterday and now I have a million blueberries for delicious recipes!  You better believe the first thing on my list last night was this blueberry buckle recipe from last year.  It was just as good as I remembered.  I'm planning on trying out this blueberry and peach salsa recipe, too.  Do you have any favorite blueberry recipes to share?

planning: A better question might be, what am I not planning?  I'm planning to get back into blogging (eventually), I'm planning new jewelry pieces and new paintings, too.  I'm planning all kinds of decorating finishing touches on our apartment and then I'm planning on sharing it on the blog.  I'm planning a healthy menu plan for next weeks meals (you know, to counter all that blueberry buckle I'm eating…).

What are you planning?  And most importantly, what are you planning for this holiday weekend?  I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and that you stay safely out of tropical storm Arthur's path!

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  1. I think it's perfectly okay for you to take a mini-break from blogging. But I will say, I've missed ya! So glad you could join us for another round of currently. Those blueberries! Ahhh, that reminds me of when I was a kid at my grandparents' house. We would pick them all day long and then make loads of pancakes all weekend. I miss those days.
    I'm hoping for good weather for you this weekend! I can't wait to see updates on the jewelry, paintings, and scenes from your 4th of July weekend!

  2. A Pink rain jacket and pink hunters!! Where is the picture of that awesomeness?

    I hope the rain doesn't ruin your party plans. Here in MO I think the weather is going to be the best for a 4th of July I've ever experienced. Happy day!!

  3. I always love seeing a new post pop up from you! :) That blueberry and peach salsa recipe sounds amazing! I hope you have a wonderful (and safe/dry!) holiday weekend!!

  4. that's just about what's up at our house too...fresh blueberries and an impending tropical storm :)
    cheers to that! xx

  5. I have Hunter boots on my "to invest in" list... they just seem like they would make miserably rainy days better. Hope that weather doesn't put too much of a damper on your long weekend though. And thanks for linking up!

  6. you're seriously celebrating the 4th on a sailboat? that's almost good enough for a hollywood movie! haha. sounds awesome! I'm stopping by from the Currently link up (even though that wasn't my post today and I didn't link up) ha. I like these kind of posts so I wanted to browse tonight. Anyways, I'm excited to be following along via GFC and bloglovin!

  7. Blueberries are so good right now :) I love to make grilled salmon with blueberry BBQ sauce, which is a recipe I got from How Sweet Eats a few summers back: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/06/grilled-blueberry-bbq-salmon/ - it is a family favorite!

  8. Celebrating on a sail boat sounds WONDERFUL!!! I do hope that storm leaves you alone. I'll be on the lake for the 4th, but the ocean...THAT would be something grand! :)

    Blueberry everything is always good!

    Enjoy your weekend and making all of your plans (blogging, jewelry, art, etc) happen!

  9. Stay safe with that storm!!! I was hoping to spend my holiday and a sailboat too but it's under construction so no actual sailing :-/

  10. I most definitely just finished reading Safe Haven and I kept thinking of your stop at Southport throughout the book! Hope you have a great 4th! :)


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