Jul 8, 2014

surviving arthur

This past weekend, before any celebrating could begin, we had a little issue to deal with first.  

Just, oh… a hurricane.  

As we checked the weather forecast throughout the week, we started moving the beginning of our holiday weekend up earlier and earlier.  Because, instead of traveling away from a weather advisory as most people would, we seem to always travel towards them.  Just call us storm chasers.

Being the protective boat owner that he is, Riley tends to worry about his girl when he's away from her.  And since six hours of travel time is really quite a distance, he knew he wouldn't be able to check in on her once the foul weather hit.  So, we made our way down to North Carolina on Wednesday night so that we would be able to weather the storm right alongside (rather, in it, actually) of our boat.

Yeah, it was just as much fun as it sounds…

High winds and constant rain don't really make for a great time on a sailboat. And it was quite a roller coaster experience as we watched updated forecasts predict the eye of the storm to hit closer, and then farther away, and the closer, over and over again. But we used our experience in Key West to prepare for rough weather this time around.  Meaning, of course, that we came prepared with plenty of coffee to drink and Gilmore Girls episodes to watch. We were fortunate in that the marina where we are currently keeping our boat is fairly well protected and we didn't suffer any damage. After about 24 hours of waiting it out in our small, wet space (why do we still have so many leaks??), we awoke to a beautiful morning on the 4th of July.

Still, I think that's probably the last time I will intentionally put myself in the path of a hurricane.  I'm just not entirely sure that I'm really cut out for storm chasing after all.


  1. Yay for no damage and that you all are safe!!!!

  2. Thank the heavens that y'all stayed safe out there. Also Yay for such a perfect 4th of July, friends on Martha's Vineyard didn't fare as well and had to celebrate on the 5th.

    1. Yes, we were so grateful! It's sad to hear that others didn't fare as well. I hope that their 5th of July celebrations at least helped to make up for it a little bit!

  3. Soooo glad y'all are safe! What an adventure. :) I'm happy the weather was nice and beautiful on the 4th for y'all. It was so nice and mild here. Didn't feel like July!

  4. Eek I'm glad you guys and the boat were okay! :) I hope Gidget was a trooper too! The weather was perfect the 4th luckily!!

  5. As if you didn't have your fill of rough weather before, you deal with a hurricane. Glad there wasn't any damage.

  6. Oh man, that does not sound like fun! So glad the boat (and you all!) were unharmed. (And I am super impressed that your hubby would watch Gilmore Girls with you!!!)

  7. I'm glad there wasn't any damage! Whew! You guys are such troopers for being IN the boat during the storm.

  8. It stormed pretty bad here, so I can't imagine how bad it was there! Glad everyone's okay!


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