Aug 29, 2014

attention shoppers: the mecca of furniture has been discovered!

This post is really more of a public service announcement, because whenever I come across a really good tip, I just have to share it. If you have ever searched high and low for that perfect table, or rug, or known someone who was on the hunt for just the right bed or sofa, this is for you. I'm still in shock, really, because I was pretty certain I already knew every online and every brick and mortar furniture store in existence, and here was this big old gem, right there under my nose. Okay, it was two hours away, but still.

Behold, Greenfront Furniture…

I took a little road trip to Farmville, Virginia the other day, to help my sister pick out some new furniture. I wasn't really expecting much out of a town with a name like "Farmville," and honestly wasn't impressed until we turned down main street and the plethora of furniture shops and warehouses came into view. Then, it was exactly everything I had hoped it might be. Greenfront Furniture has over 12 different shops and renovated warehouses devoted to furniture. The buildings are categorized, with a few devoted solely to rugs, and the rest grouped by type of furniture, accessory, or clearance. The warehouses were by far my favorite, because really, who doesn't want to shop for furniture in a building that looks like this:

 really, who?

For the record, I am so glad that we weren't actually shopping for any kind of kitchen furniture, because I might never have left this particular room.  But believe me, I will be back.

We made a day trip out of it, but for serious shoppers, I might recommend making it a weekend trip. The Greenfront website suggests a few B&B's and hotels for weary shoppers, and I can envision a nice girl's weekend (or romantic if your s.o. happens to be into this sort of thing!) browsing through the merchandise, taking rest breaks at one of the cute coffee shops, peeking into a few of the antiques stores and then resting up to do it all over again the next day. And if you're making a weekend out of it, might I suggest hopping on over to Lynchburg to check out the J.Crew clearance warehouse while you're at it?

I still can't believe that after all these years of living in Virginia I just now found out about this place!  If you are within driving distance of Farmville, I highly recommend giving it a visit. And if you're not, I do apologize for teasing you with all of this furniture shopping goodness.

Have you ever heard of Greenfront Furniture before? 

Have you discovered any hidden gems of your own lately? Do share!


  1. This looks amazing!! My husband and I have been looking for particular pieces of furniture.... unfortunately it's a 5 and a half hour drive from home :( That's a bit much! Maybe one day.

    1. Oh yeah, that's a little far! I hope you're able to find what you're looking for!

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