Sep 15, 2014

father knows best

A phone conversation from a few weeks ago…

Dad: So, what do you want for your birthday?

Allison:  Well, I told Riley I'd really like to get a vintage, or vintage-looking road bike. Something cute that I can ride around town or on the greenway. I've been looking at Craigslist…

Dad: Let me tell you what you really need. A mountain bike.

Allison:  I don't think I actually want to go mountain biking, though. I don't think I'd get enough use out of one.

Guess who was the owner of a brand new mountain bike just a few days later?

The thing about my Dad is that he's a very generous guy. He likes to buy gifts. Whether they're for himself or other people, he's often guilty of "over-gifting." The catch is, sometimes you don't always know that you want the gifts he's giving.

I had to re-imagine the mental image I had of myself putting around town on a cute little bike, mint green, maybe, with a basket and perhaps a bell, into one of myself huffing and puffing up mountains, racing down steep inclines, splashing through deep mud puddles and jumping fallen trees. Well, that's what I imagine Riley doing during his mountain bike races anyway.

After my initial two "mountain bike rides" (quotation marks are necessary for beginners), I'd say I have my work cut out for me. It is an enjoyable way to get in a good workout, though, and we live in such a beautiful and convenient place for mountain biking. I do believe I'll leave the competitive racing to Riley, but I'd still huff and puff up my way up a mountain just for the views alone.

Do you enjoy biking?  Are you a fan of the leisurely variety or the mountain variety?


  1. That's awesome! Michael was so impressed when I showed him your IG picture :) I think he secretly hopes I'll ride with him, too. Was Riley really excited that you were able to go with him?

  2. My father has a knack for giving gifts like that as well. The sort of gifts that are semi useful but not exactly what you had in mind. The "Ehh... thank you?" gifts. The gifts that started out as one idea but then got re-analyzed by the giving party who then decided - no, this version is better! And the gifts that leave you thinking, "Well, I guess I just have to deal with it because this is what I got". Yeah, those. They're always with the best of intentions! And I feel so bad saying "No, thank you" to my parents. Because it's a gift, and I should be grateful.

    Needless to say, a mountain bike is pretty neat, even if it's not the cute vintage vibe you had in mind. You could always paint it some fun color! And you could add some sort of neat pouch to it instead of a basket. At least he got the idea right, even if the execution wasn't what you were expecting :)

    1. Haha, it sounds like you know exactly what I'm talking about! It's always the thought that counts, right?

      It really is a great gift… and certainly a major improvement over years past. ;) Now I just need to get myself in shape so that I'm worthy of it, haha!

  3. I really, really enjoy biking! Nothing too extreme, but riding around town and on trails is just so much fun. I hope you get a lot of use out of your bike! :)

  4. What a sweet dad! I would probably do some serious injury to myself, but I bet the views are great!

  5. Haha, I love that he just knew what you needed before you even did! I come from a family of road cyclists, so mountain biking is foreign to me. It sounds like pretty hard work! Go you!!


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