Sep 22, 2014

summer in the city

I knew that it was going to happen, but still, our (mostly likely) one year of living downtown is flying by extremely quickly.  It's led to this slight paranoia about enjoying each of the one seasons of this downtown life to the fullest.  And while I'm completely ready to welcome fall with open arms, I feel like I need to first bid a proper goodbye to the previous seasons… especially since I maybe haven't been the most attentive blogger, and it really is nice to have these life experiences documented in some fashion.

We ended our sailing trip at the tail end of winter, so spring was the first full season that we got to experience in our brand new lifestyle.  We were still a little distracted by the end of a great adventure and settling back into life on land, and I feel like our heads and hearts were in two places at once.  But still, spring was so good to us.

Some of my favorite moments:

finding a really great downtown apartment really quickly
being welcomed to the city with the St. Patricks Day parade
date nights with walks downtown and random flowers from strangers
the first glimpse of the gorgeous views from the top of The Center in the Square building
a little urban gardening on our rooftop patio
taking advantage of the proximity of local hole in the wall joints for late night cravings
enjoying our patio space in the cool spring evenings
riding bikes on the greenways (and running into a bit of flooding…)

Summer was pretty great, too.  Although, admittedly, I was a little bit of a wuss about walking around in the heat.  I think I've become even more of a fan of climate controlled environments since living on a boat, if that's even possible.  And we did miss a few of the downtown summer festivals because of traveling back and forth to the boat.  Once we said goodbye to her though, we gave the city our full attention.

The best of the summer:

celebrating our 6th anniversary with a walk downtown to a delicious dinner
weekend market days involving gorgeous weather and a festival or two
catching a token summer baseball game
treating myself to a gorgeous bouquet from the farmer's market
celebrating my 29th birthday with a breakfast date with my sister
discovering that the best, most gigantic pizza in town is just a short walk from our apartment
finding rare moments of cool enough weather to enjoy our patio again
redecorating the apartment to incorporate growing hobbies in a small living space

We're halfway through our year now, and I have to say, I've been the most excited about fall the whole time.  I can't wait to see what fun the cooler weather brings.  But mostly, I'm so grateful for this experience and for all of the fun memories we've already made so far.

What are some of your favorite memories from this summer?  And what are you looking forward to the most this fall?



    Obviously, that is the most notable thing about this post to me.

  2. We've always wanted to live in the city, but ended up buying a house in the 'burbs because the prices were so low. We kind of regret not doing it! Any chance you can stay there for more than a year?


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