Oct 1, 2014

currently: fresh air, apples, and apartment tours

smelling: The "fresh" air out on our rooftop patio (I'm thinking city air doesn't truly qualify as "fresh air," but it's something).  I'm so excited that it's finally starting to get cool enough in the mornings and evenings to enjoy it again.  I've been sprucing it up with a few new fall flowers and I'm pretty sure it's currently my favorite spot in the apartment.

loving: all of these fall capsule wardrobe posts I keep seeing everywhere.  Fall is my favorite time for deep cleaning, and I've already been on wardrobe purge kick.  It's fun to see others get in on it too, and take notes on how and what they're making work for their own wardrobes at the start of a new season.  Here are a few that might inspire you, too: one, two, three

planning: a blog tour of our apartment!  When it comes to decorating, I'm never really done.  But, I think I've reached that point in apartment decorating where I'm not really going to invest any further energy in it, so it is what it is!  Plus, it had pretty good bones to start with anyway.  I'm going to have to get creative with angles in some of these small spaces, but if all goes well I should have a tour posted by the end of next week!

baking: these baked apples… over and over again.  After the decadence that was pear gruy√®re pie, I was on the hunt for something seasonal that was a million times healthier but still felt like a treat.  With only three ingredients and all of which I always have on hand, these apples were just the ticket.  I've already made them three times in the last week.

celebrating: world vegetarian day…?  Did you know there was such a thing?  I'll take advantage of any quirky food holiday, and since I've recently decided that fall produce is actually my very favorite, I don't think this one should be hard to celebrate at all.  Sweet potatoes, parsnips and brussels sprouts, here I come!

What are you loving lately?  Do you have a fall capsule wardrobe (leave me a link so I can see!)? Do you have any favorite fall produce recipes to share?

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  1. I pinned a really similar baked apples recipe to try, and you're making me think I should actually get around to doing it... yum. And thanks so much for the capsule wardrobe shout out! I'm loving doing it.

  2. I love all the capsule wardrobes I've been seeing in the blog world - it's definitely inspiring me to rethink everything in my closet! Not sure I am brave enough to actually do the challenge myself... but purging things that I don't wear anymore is a good enough start.

  3. I'm not brave enough to do the capsule but I love reading the blog posts about them!

  4. World vegetarian day...they have a day for everything!

  5. Oh, I'm excited to see your home tour! And Mmm...baked apples! :)
    I love that y'all have a rooftop patio! I wanna see pics!

  6. I really wish it felt like fall! Living in Hawaii is nice, but I'll be glad to head back to the Mainland in a year. I miss autumn. Your flowers look so pretty!

  7. Oh yeah, girl, those apples look so good. Excited about this apt tour! You have such a cute style :)

  8. The images are really good. Find clean and fresh things by cleaning your surroundings.


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