Dec 29, 2014

christmas in the city

Riley and I spent a lot of time this Christmas season reminiscing about where we were at this time last year, comparing what it felt like to be living in the city instead of on a boat in Marathon, Florida, and rating this year's tiniest Christmas tree against last year's decorated boat mast.  All things considered, I think it was a little easier to get into the Christmas spirit on land.

We've been pretty preoccupied with house renovations lately, but we managed to maximize our efficiency by picking up a lonely Charlie Brown tree during one of our many Lowe's trips.  While not the most romantic of tree selecting scenarios, it actually turned out to be the perfect tree for us.  We also managed to take a night off of house work to walk down to the Dicken's of a Christmas celebration downtown and the tree lighting ceremony.  Those are just the sort of things that my city living dreams were made of.  And then of course we had our four family Christmases, and no one gave us too hard of a time about skipping out on everything last year. A pretty good Christmas all around, I'd say.

The city streets all dressed up for the season.

The star of the city tree lighting ceremony.

I love the way this local boutique decorated their windows for Christmas, complete with a dress made out of marshmallows.  Yes, marshmallows.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas as well!  What are some of your favorite memories from this year's celebrations?


  1. That DRESS! So impressive!
    Your Christmas looks so beautiful, and do I spy a hot air balloon Christmas card???!!

  2. That marshmallow dress is amazing!

  3. I'm glad you had such a special Christmas!

  4. Wow that dress!! And now next year Christmas will look different with a baby! :)


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