Jan 13, 2015

the renovation: behind the walls

To the untrained eye, it might not look like we've made much progress on our renovation in the last few weeks. But that's mostly because the work that's been done is more of the "behind the scenes" variety, or more accurately, the "behind the walls" variety. We've had the exposed exterior walls insulated and Riley has rewired the entire house.

Now, about that electrical…

I'm not the professional electrian in the family (but thank goodness there is one), so I know I'm not going to be able to accurately describe just how major the job of rewiring the entire house really was.  Riley knew from the get go that it was going to be the biggest, most time consuming job of the whole renovation, and quite frankly, he was dreading it. The house still had it's original knob and tube wiring, and not only was it found lacking in lighting, but much of it was actually a fire hazard. He removed the entire original system and began again, adding and reconfiguring the lighting scheme as he went. The end result is a well lit house with a lot of can lights (electricians seem to be obsessed with their can lights), smoke detectors, and well placed three way switches for the multiple entrances to each room. The end result was also something that we never would have been able to afford if we had to pay for labor! It took Riley, with some help from my father (another electrician) and an apprentice, a couple weeks of evenings and weekends of dusty plaster drilling, tight crawlspace creeping, and round about wire fishing to get the rough in work done. But all of his hard work will pay off now that we will be able to enjoy a safe and well-lit house! Now we get to do the fun part of the electrical, like choosing light fixtures!

Next on our project list is plaster (which is scheduled for this week!), paint, and having the floors refinished.  I think we're turning that corner where the exciting, more visible stuff is starting to happen!


  1. I have always wished that I had gone to school to learn a trade (electrical, plumbing, etc.). It seems like such a handy skill to have when remodeling or owning a home!!

    1. I know what you mean. I don't think it's really one of the more popular choices these days, especially among women it seems, but I know that Riley counts it as one of the wisest decisions he's ever made. It's never too late! ;)

  2. Gaaaah, knob and tube!! Yeah, you guys have already done a ton. I can't wait to see that drywall go up!


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