Mar 30, 2015

the renovation: move-in ready or not, here we come!

Last weekend was the big "move-in weekend" and we've been living in the house for a week now! It feels so good to finally be here and not running back and forth trying to get things packed at the apartment and ready at the house at the same time. It's not "done" by any means, but it's certainly livable. At the time of move-in we did not have a bathroom door or vanity top (still waiting on that), and there was plenty of trim left to put up and paint, along with several other details. But it's all still moving along and every day we see some new progress.  I tried to snap a few "after" pictures of some of the rooms on the main floor in the few odd minutes that they were completely clear of any tools and construction dirt, or our piles of boxes. Some of the rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, will deserve before and after posts of their own, but they're not quite ready yet.

I am absolutely in love with our foyer. Maybe it sounds silly, but I've never had a true foyer before and I've always wanted one. In this space we took down the faux wood paneling, had new plaster put on the walls and ceiling, had the floors refinished, changed the light fixture, and gave everything a fresh coat of paint.

Even though it seems like dining rooms are going out of style with the preference for open concept floor plans, I had never had one of these either, and am really looking forward to using this space. So it's another favorite (honestly, I could say this about almost every room). This room was completely gutted to it's studs, because after we removed the wall paper and paneling, the walls were in pretty bad shape. We also removed half of the wall that separates it from the kitchen, which I'll show in the kitchen post in the future. This room got new plaster board and new plaster, refinished floors, a new light fixture as well as can lights, board and batten and a fresh coat of paint. Currently, the window trim is back up and ready to be painted, and of course, Riley was (finally) okay with taking the cardboard paper off of the floor.  

The before and after pictures of the living room are from opposite sides of the room, but I think they still show its transformation pretty well. This was one of our lower maintenance rooms, and was good to go after new plaster, paint, and refinished floors.

Not only was the office (now officially the nursery!) a horrible shade of green, but it had a built out closet that took up a good portion of the room. Even though we are short on closet space in this house, we decided to go ahead and tear it out. Again, this room got new plaster and paint and refinished floors.  I still can't believe what great condition all of the floors were in. We are so thankful that there was so much carpeting and linoleum that kept them protected!

We decided to make this room, which we were considering a den, our temporary master bedroom until we renovate the upstairs. We removed the paneling, had the plaster and floors refinished, and painted the walls. We were pretty excited about the wood trim in this room, especially since it cut back on the painting! Although why the window trim was painted we will never know…

We are so incredibly happy to be living here and are excited about all the changes that are still to come. I'll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom as soon as they are ready, as well as some of these rooms as we get them decorated. And of course, we still have the entire exterior to come! This renovation has been an overwhelming task at times, but so far the process has been fairly smooth and so rewarding. Thanks for following along with us!


  1. Oh how I ADORE an old home and a good reno! Looks amazing!!! xx

  2. The results are incredible! I can't wait to see how you decorate each space! :)

  3. Y'all are just cruising right along!!! I'm so so super impressed with how amazing everything looks and WOW those floors!! How awesome that they were just living underneath all that scary carpet. I love everything you've done!

  4. you guys have done an amazing job! I love the white trim and that soothing greenish tone wall. plus the floors look incredible!

    1. Thank you! The trim work is one of my favorite features, and it really is amazing what just a little bit of fresh white paint can do for it!

  5. oh gosh it is just beautiful esp the floors. Weird that you didn't like the neony puke green? Total keeper there.

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