Mar 12, 2015

visiting san diego: mt. soledad, torrey pines and crystal pier

We started off our final day in San Diego by heading up to Mt. Soledad to take in the views. We had actually attempted this a few days earlier, but by the time we had made it to the top the fog was so thick that all we saw was 360° of white. This time around was a completely different story!

We went to breakfast afterwards, and although we were half tempted to go back to Snooze, we tried The Cottage instead, and it was another delicious success!  It was a small restaurant, but had a nice outdoor patio where we could enjoy the warm weather, very good food and excellent service.  

After breakfast the rest of the group went to Torrey Pines, and even though I really didn't want to miss out, what this extremely congested, exhausted and completely stuffed pregnant woman really needed was a nap.  So that's what I did.

I did borrow some photos from my sister, however, so we could all experience it together vicariously through her.  It definitely looks like a place you wouldn't want to miss (if you didn't need a nap)!

We regrouped in the evening and all headed over to Pacific Beach to watch the sunset from Crystal Pier.  We admired the tiny cottages that lined the pier and watched the surfers do their thing before the sun even started its show.

After a beautiful sunset we went to Pacific Beach Fish Shop (for the second time that week) for our last dinner in San Diego.  It was the perfect place for the fish (or shrimp) tacos that I had been dreaming about!

I still can't believe all that we got to do and see in our four full days in San Diego. The weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole time we were there, the food was delicious and the sights were absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance!

What's the next destination on your travel bucket list?

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  1. San Diego blew me away. I honestly wasn't expecting the weather, the views, the food... I can't imagine living there all the time! Glad you got to go. I would love to go back and spend more than 1 day :)


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