Apr 30, 2015

april showers for baby girl

I feel so fortunate to have two sets of sisters and mothers that went to so much effort to throw two very special, beautiful and delicious baby showers! My sister and sister in law each hosted one in their own home, and I know that my mother and mother in law both worked tirelessly behind the scenes in preparation as well. I am so incredibly grateful to all of them and feel blessed that this little girl is already so loved and celebrated.

Whenever they host anything at all, Eva and Chelsa put so much thought into their menus and presentation,  so I just had to share some pictures of all of their hard work!

I am so grateful to everyone that came to celebrate this baby, and especially to everyone who traveled from out of town! And to Eva and Chelsa, many, many thanks for all of the hard work and love that went into planning these showers. You are both going to make wonderful aunts!


  1. Such a sweet family you have. You are blessed.

  2. love the invites! and how sweet are little girl things....baby fever!


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