Apr 23, 2015

the renovation: exterior plans

We've been in our house for about a month now and we are so in love with it. There is still a lot to be done, of course, and progress has slowed down a little because of other obligations and the simple fact that we don't have to hurry to move in. But still, something gets done every week and each thing that gets checked off the to do list makes it look and feel even more like home.

Now that the main floor is livable and the weather has started to warm up, we're starting to focus our attention on the outside. The exterior of the house needs quite a bit of work and we also have a nice size parcel of land. Our first priority is replacing the roof because of leaks, and that should be happening in the next few weeks. This will obviously be a practical solution to a problem, but it will also be the first step in beautifying the long neglected exterior of the house!

One of our (Riley's) other focuses right now is on the creek in our side yard. Riley's been working hard at digging it out and cleaning it up. Firstly, because he likes it, but mainly because of some flooding issues that we've been having. A creek wasn't on my list of requirements when we were house shopping, but it sure is a nice perk and I'm looking forward to seeing it all cleaned up.

On the other side of the house we're thinking about making a nice outdoor seating area and fire pit. This will be a big project so it will have to happen in stages. We'll probably first focus on building a retaining wall and purchase a fire pit, and then plan on building a patio area and gas fire pit in the long run. 

We're both so glad to have our own yard space again and we just want to make the most of it! It was a lot easier to ignore the exterior when it was wintertime, which was a good thing since we needed to focus our attention on the interior in order to move in. But now we can't wait to start making the exterior look as fresh and new as the interior!

Do you have any outdoor projects planned for spring and summer?


  1. Outdoor projects arent my favorite....but, we have plans to build a shed, a fence, and update our flower beds sometime :) This summer? This fall? Not sure yet :)

  2. A creek? Pretty fun perk! Love watching this come together.

  3. I am still finishing up a renovation project in the bathroom. Then I want to build a firepit outdoors where we can all gather when the nights get chilly.

    1. Fire pits are so much fun throughout the year! Good luck on your renovation project!


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