May 22, 2015

thirty seven weeks

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: a honeydew. Speaking of, that sounds pretty good right now...

Maternity clothes: So, I went to buy some maternity shorts the other day since it's starting to get too warm for pants, and when I picked up my size and looked at the gigantic waistband I thought there was no way that they would fit. Guess what? Fit like a glove.

Gender: a girl!

Movement: quite a bit. And her favorite lounging positions are the ones that make my stomach the most awkwardly shaped.

Sleep: haha.

What I miss: eating anything without worrying about acid reflux, comfortable sleep, and clothing options.

Food cravings: anything cold. Especially ice cream.

Food aversions: anything that's likely to trigger acid reflux, which seems to be everything but ice cream.

Symptoms: waddling.

What I'm looking forward to: Even though most activities and positions involve quite a bit of discomfort these days, I'm still enjoying this period of anticipation. Obviously we're looking forward to meeting her, but this time of planning and preparing and daydreaming is still kind of fun, especially as we get closer to the end and it starts to feel more and more real! I'm also looking forward to putting some finishing touches on the nursery, too.


  1. Well sounds like a steady diet of ice cream is in order to me! You are so close to the end too.

  2. Too funny about the maternity shorts... it's like our minds still think we're not pregnant when we shop for clothes. But, you look fantastic! Enjoy your last couple weeks!


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