Jul 24, 2015

the best adjustments to life lately

I think it goes without saying that having a baby entails some major adjustments to everyday life. And we're all pretty familiar with the tough ones, like functioning on significantly less sleep, and not being able to run out the door at the spur of the moment or even finish eating dinner while it's still warm. But there have been some positive adjustments to life lately, too, and since yesterday wasn't our best of days, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on some of those!

1. First of all, Gidget deserves an award for the way that she's adjusted to having a new baby in the house. I was a little nervous about it, especially considering the notorious temperament of Jack Russells, but she has truly been an angel. Although she keeps an eye on things at all times, especially during nursing and diaper changes, she keeps a respectful distance from Della's personal space, just sniffing her toes on occasion. Naturally, she's not getting as much attention as she used to, but we're trying our best to make sure she knows she hasn't been replaced, and she's taking it like a champ.

2. My exercise routine has all but disappeared, and I can't just run out to a Zumba class like I used to, but we do have great walking paths near our house and I've been able to start putting our jogging stroller to good use. Getting a little bit of fresh air and exercise is good for the both of us, and I've been able to meet up with my sister on her days off, so it's become a pretty good routine all around.

3. I kind of had a reputation for taking my when it comes to any given task, like getting ready in the morning, but I've recently learned how to get things done at turbo speed. It's truly amazing what you can accomplish when the end of nap time is the deadline. I've never cleaned my house faster than I do these days! Even those tough adjustments have their rewards!

What have you been up to? Have you had any major adjustments in your life lately?

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  1. Sounds like you are adjusting fairly well. I'm currently on Summer vacation so the only adjustments I've had to make where no waking up as early. Unfortunately, that is going to change real quick and I'm going to be back on my teaching schedule routine. Going from not working to working 10hr days is a huge jump.

  2. I have been majorly adjusting to our house and pregnancy, and the adjustments will just keep coming! Good to know you're keeping your spirits up :) I'm sure the lack of sleep and eating cold food is a huge adjustment. I know it will be for me!

    1. Yes, those are definitely major adjustments that you have already had to make! You'll do just fine! :)

  3. It is a huge adjustment! But you sound like you're all adapting quite well to sweet baby D :)

  4. You seem like you are doing great at adjusting! Good for you!


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